FAKE MONEY UNBOXING Informações 43996647900 Ton ZAP

FAKE MONEY UNBOXING Informações 43996647900 Ton ZAP


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  1. They just shot and killed a counterfeiter whole was selling real looking fake money. I didnt want to buy it. If I only knew his fakes were REALLY made to look real.I would of bought some from him. He even made the strip. He was selling on the dark web.He made it so good. Most of his fakes arent found yet on the market. He made all bills. Ive seen his fake $20.But I couldnt actually tell. He got caught by chance cause he mailed the real fake money from his own post office. They back tracked and found him. When they went for him. He came out shooting and was killed. No information on HOW was not released to the public. How he made his. He screwed up on the serial numbers. Thats what got his operation discovered. It took years to track him down. They ordered some and the post office machine stamp gave his general location away.

  2. Fake money is ILLEGAL, prop money is not.

  3. Have you been in jail yet? You better listen to your Mother. You are a fool if you don't. Of course I never listened to my Mom either and had to learn everything the hard way. Caught a lot of bumps and bruises that way. That's why I know that there is a God, because it took a gang of miracles to save my dumb ass.

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