The Best Prop Money on the Market (Not Clickbait) Informações 43996647900 Ton ZAP

The Best Prop Money on the Market (Not Clickbait) Informações 43996647900 Ton ZAP

FEBRUARY 4th, 2019 UPDATE: Due to all the recent complaints relating to I now advise all of you to purchase from this Bonanza page named …


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  1. FEBRUARY 4th, 2019 UPDATE Due to all the recent complaints relating to I now advise all of you to purchase from this Bonanza page named 100%REPLICA: My packages with perfectly fine Replica Style bills did say Replica1000 on them. So now make sure to purchase from the Bonanza links. I am so sorry for all the headaches this may have caused you my viewers and supporters. I literally wasn't even aware of all this until all the recent DMs and YouTube comments lately. 🙁 ($1s)(Bonanza) ($5s)(Bonanza) ($10s)(Bonanza) ($20s)(Bonanza) ($50s)(Bonanza) ($100s)(Bonanza)(Old Style) ($100s)(Bonanza)(New Style)

  2. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. They have scammed everyone since the company started. Phantom Drawings i'm pretty dissapointed man. I just got scammed out of $150 man that shit aint cool.

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  4. I just ordered from strobe props, I ordered old style replica 100s, what are the complaints you mentioned? I’m getting worried lmao

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