5 BIG Money Mistakes I Wish I Never Made Informações 43996647900 Ton ZAP

5 BIG Money Mistakes I Wish I Never Made Informações 43996647900 Ton ZAP

Welcome to my MissBeHelpful Channel! Forbes recently published an article called “The 5 Biggest Mistakes Millennials Are Making With Their Money.


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  1. Never thought to think of my net worth. Will keep this in mind.

  2. hey so Im 19 and dont understand net worth at all. is that like adding up what you have and your debit to figure out how much you actually have?

  3. I'd love to hear your advice on paying down debt (credit cards, student loans)!

  4. Great video. Thanks for sharing all of this. Now i don't feel so bad for making similar mistakes when I was in my early 20's! Others have made the same mistakes I have. Glad we're in a better place now.

  5. Mistakes are out biggest teachers. Some good advice!

  6. I loved this video! Girl, you preached! I have always done my own eyebrows and hair etc due to not being allowed to get them done at a young age and at first I was upset about it. But the blessing is that I had to learn to do it myself and now I'm grateful because I can look cute on a budget lol!

  7. I just sat and watched all your videos thank you for explaining everything in a way that I can understand

  8. A bit extreme not carrying at least one Debit/Credit card on you and sticking with only $5 or $10 on you. But whatever works for everyone as long as we stay debt free and don't spend money on unnecessary things

  9. I love your videos girl. Super helpful and relatable for young people!

  10. but its easy for you to look beautiful,some women need professional help.lol im just saying.

  11. Make a part 2 please! If you have more tips, that is

  12. Does this mean that we should pay off our debt first before focusing on savings? Even if you have $100,000 in savings but have the same amount in debt, it means the net worth is $0?

  13. Thanks for the great advice!!! I like how you broke down Fixed, Future, and Flexible Expenses by percentages too. Ill try it out and see how it works.

  14. i have learned how to make money by using apps. i now have $50 on a Target e-card, $50 on a Wal-mart e-card, and $50 on a Starbucks gold card. i now show people how to have money to eat, drink and be happy. please help your subscribers in that way. i also have $100 in my Amazon e-card account. I can help you too, if you like. thanks for all your great tips.

  15. MissBeHelpful thanks for all your advice!! You helped me save so much money especially since I live in New York City..

  16. Love your videos and advice! I've been binge watching your channel since I found you! 🙂 I have made many of these same mistakes and am trying to change my financial mindset. In terms of beauty, I have saved so much money after discovering two things: menstrual cups ($20 purchase has lasted me 2+ years) and an epillator ($50 purchase and no more shaving, shaving cream, or waxing). I am looking forward to more tips and advice, especially with your eating habits!

  17. I been on YT since 2013 or so and I'm just coming across this helpful YTber , thank you so much!

  18. Set up my first savings account today, I'm not sure I trust myself to not delve into it though:(

  19. My coworker is crazy . He has about $5,000 in credit card debt and has not payed any of it back and in fact does not plan to.Last year he somehow opened a new credit card and spent the whole limit at once.Do you think it was for some kind of investment or emergency?Nope he used to buy a Nintendo Switch and I think some Pokemon shit. Ever time he gets a paycheck he just spends it on bullshit like video games( I have nothing against video games but I am not into debt for it).When I say he is not planning on paying it back ,I don't mean he does not have a plan to pay it back but he literally said "I am not paying it back, it is their fault for letting me have a credit card".When I and other coworkers asked about his credit or what about later in life for retirement.He just laughed at us and said " I make minimum wage and I will probably never get out of it , so I will never buy a home or anything like that, so it does not matter what my credit score is and why would I save for retirement? The economy is fucked up, all those people saving for retirement are probably going to end up with nothing because the economy will crash , at least I had some enjoyment ".Needless to say our jaws pretty much hit the floor.Actually, it is kind of sad because I like the guy but he has a defeated attitude and does not plan on bettering himself in any way financially or professionally.

  20. I'm just saying, working as a barista through college ended up saving me SO much money because I bought my own espresso machine and now i make all my fancy coffee drinks everyday for myself and it's SO much cheaper

  21. It seems a bit extreme 5 or 10 dollars. That's not even enough money for gas these days. I all for saving but what is the point of saving all this money and not able to enjoy?

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