SMB3 Pipe Jungle (Concept Bit) Informações 43996647900 Ton ZAP

SMB3 Pipe Jungle (Concept Bit) Informações 43996647900 Ton ZAP

Another one of the songs Super Mario Maker 2 was lacking was a new SMB3 forest theme, so I decided to try it out myself. I took inspiration from both the world 7 …


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  1. I love that you took direct arrangements from the editing theme in the actual game, which for some reason has its own theme despite the actual levels using the same music as the regular ones

  2. Super Mario World Forest: gets a new theme despite having a forest theme already.
    Super Mario Bros 3: Reuses ground theme for forest.
    Excuse me, what?

  3. Too bad they just used the Overworld theme

    Yes I did just copy and paste my comment from your previous video

  4. I love the way these SMB3 concepts are sounding, I really wish there was more to make concepts of because these sound amazing

  5. this is great, the edit theme inspiration is strong here lol
    (personally i would have liked to hear any part inspired by the smb3 world 7 map, like how the snow theme has a bit that sounds like the world 6 map, but this is really great nonetheless)

  6. I wish that the red pipes in the SMB3 theme would look more like the one that the fire bro appears to be coming out of.

    Also, there should most certainly be both boomerang and fire bros in all 5 game styles. There’s no logical reason why fire bros are exclusive to 3D World and why they decided to entirely leave out boomerang bros.

    After all, there’s now underground night levels. Boomerang bros could make those levels even more Australian.

  7. i got sad when i saw that fire bro, knowing that its just a 3d world exclusive despite being in smb3 and nsmbu and i think smw too?

  8. Makes me really upset because if Nintendo ever makes an actual jungle theme it’s not going to be like this..

  9. Yes, this is just what I had in mind for a jungle theme – keeping the chord progression and tempo of the overworld theme, but with a changed-up melody and rhythm to better fit the aesthetics. This way it could be implemented without having to change the editor theme. Nice job!

  10. Remixing the ground theme again?

    What is this? Super Mario World?

  11. Is it cool is I use this for a video?

    Edit: yes, I read the description. Thought it would be polite to ask anyway.

  12. I dont get in mm2 if you go in a pipe with desert/ground/forest theme and you come out in one these other area the song restarts :/

  13. Now if we could just mod this into the actual game coz it’s fabulous!

  14. Can you do versions for each of the game styles of the Mario Kart, Mario 64, Sunshine and Mario Galaxy tunes that pop up? There are 8 bit versions (that would fit Mario 3 maybe), but I'd like to hear simple 8 bit versions for SMB1, 16 bit versions with the Mario World theme mixed in for SMW, and "bop bop" versions for SMBU

  15. Yeah, why didn't they give the SMB3 jungle style its own theme? SMB1 got its own jungle theme

  16. Koji Kondo should take note on this theme! This is beautiful!
    I wish that forest theme had unique stage theme because I love the idea of a pipe Forest!

  17. Let's get together and feel all right. Smoke uh duh piranha plant mon!

  18. They should’ve used this instead of reusing the overworld theme

  19. i dont know why they had to reuse the overworld theme. it even sounds wonky when you go through a pipe from overworld to jungle/desert. it starts the song over because its a different theme, and different themes normally have THEIR OWN SONGS.

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